Course title: Biomedical and Dental Graft Materials

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Yeditepe University


BME 413

Spring 2010


Meetings: Monday 10:00 11:50 Room: A-206

Friday 12:00 12:50 Room: B-319



Instructor: Prof. Dr. A. Cuneyt Tas


Office hours: Anytime; all days; when I am in my office

(you can also reach me at my labs = Floor -1, No: A204 and Floor -3, No: 105)


Textbook: The Chemistry of Medical and Dental Materials

John W. Nicholson


Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry

ISBN (online): 978-1-84755-205-1

Available at the university bookstore (sosyal tesis) to purchase!


Course content:


Introduction: Synthetic materials in medicine

(Surgical uses of biomaterials, orthopedic joint replacement, tendons and ligaments, cardiovascular implants, ophthalmic implants, dentistry, wound dressings and artificial skin, facial implants, breast implants, ear ossicles)

Polymers: acrylic bone cements, polyurethanes and hydrogels

Ceramics: bioactive glasses, alumina, zirconia, pyrolytic carbon

Metals: metal ions in the body, dental amalgams

Dental Materials: composite resins, cements, glass-ionomers, aesthetic dental restoratives, prosthetic materials, endodontic and orthodontic materials

Biological Interactions with Materials: biocompatibility, toxicity, cytotoxicity, hypersensitivity, carcinogenicity, inflammation, granulation tissue formation, foreign body reaction, fibrosis, interaction with blood, interaction with proteins, cell adhesion, interaction with hard tissues, osseointegration, fibrous capsule formation, safety testing of materials

Tissue Engineering: tissue engineering of skin, articular cartilage and bone



2 Exams (30% each) + 2 Homeworks (5% each) + Final (30%)