Course title: Advanced Materials

Department of Chemical Engineering

Yeditepe University


CHBE 561

Fall 2008



Meetings:    Tuesday:     16:00-16:50                   Room B-520

                   Friday:        09:00-09:50                   Room B-520



Instructor:   Prof. Dr. A. Cuneyt Tas  (Dept. of Biomedical Engineering)



Textbook:    A number of scientific papers will be assigned (in a case-study format).


Reference books:  1.) Principles of Biochemistry: Mammalian biochemistry

                                      Emil L. Smith, Robert L. Hill, I. Robert Lehman, Robert J. Lefkowitz, Philip Handler, Abraham White

                                      McGraw-Hill, 7th Edition

                                      ISBN 0-07-069763-9

                             2.) Molecular Biology of the Cell

                                      Bruce Alberts, Alexander Johnson, Julian Lewis, Martin Raff, Keith Roberts, Peter Walter

                                      Garland Science, 4th Edition

                                      ISBN 0-8153-4072-9

                             3.) Biomaterials Science: An introduction to materials in medicine

                                      Buddy D. Ratner, Allan S. Hoffman, Frederick J. Schoen, Jack E. Lemons

                                      Elsevier Academic Press, 2nd Edition

                                      ISBN 0-12-582463-7


Course content:


Integration of the principles of chemistry, biology and engineering to create new biomedical products,

Case-study format to examine recently developed biomedical products,

How a product evolves from initial idea; through patents, testing, evaluation, production and marketing,

Principles of materials science and cell biology underlying the design of biomedical implants,

Biomaterials-tissue interactions,

Artificial organs,

Synthesis of scaffolds for hard and soft tissue engineering,

Clinical design of implants and prostheses,

Comparative analysis of bioinert, bioactive and bioresorbable implants (case-study).




          Midterm Exam (50% ) + Final (50%)                     100%