Course title: X-Ray Diffraction


CHBE 583

Fall 2009



Tue 14:00 15:50 (B-541)

Thu 16:00 16:50 (B-525)



Prof. Dr. A. Cuneyt Tas


Course content:

Principles of powder diffraction, Bragg Law, Diffraction from a set of reflecting planes, The unit cell (2 weeks);

The powder diffractometer, Axial divergence, Absorption, Displacement errors, Receiving and divergence slits (2 weeks);

Factors influencing d-spacing accuracy, Factors influencing intensity accuracy, Automation of qualitative phase analysis, Computer databases, Use of standards (2 weeks);

Sample preparation for X-ray diffraction, The internal-standard method of quantitative analysis (1 week);

Computer analysis of diffraction data, ICDD PDF-2 database, Analysis of d-I data, Analysis of digitized diffraction traces, Structure modeling, Structure refinement, Crystallinity, Crystal size and strain (2 weeks);

The Rietveld method of pattern-fitting structure refinement (2 weeks).



Title: Fundamentals of Powder Diffraction and Structural Characterization of Materials

Authors: Vitalij Pecharsky and Peter Zavalij

Publisher: Springer Science, Publication Date: 2005, ISBN: 0387241477


Reference Book:

Title: Powder Diffraction: The Rietveld Method and the Two Stage Method to Determine and Refine Crystal Structures from Powder Diffraction Data

Author: Georg Will

Publisher: Springer, Publication Date: 2005, ISBN:  3540279857



2 exams (25% each)

Final exam (30%)

Term project (20%)