Course title: Modern Engineering Materials

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Yeditepe University


ME 361

Fall 2008



Meetings: Tuesday 09:00 09:50 Room B-520

10:00 10:50

Friday 11:00 11:50 Room B-520



Instructor: Prof. Dr. A. Cuneyt Tas (Dept. of Biomedical Engineering)


Textbook: Foundations of Materials Science and Engineering

William F. Smith and Javad Hashemi

McGraw-Hill, 4th Edition

ISBN: 007-125690-3


Course content:


Production of iron and steel,

Iron-iron carbide system,

Heat treatment of plain carbon steels,

Temperature-time-transformation diagrams,

Low alloy steels,

Aluminum, magnesium, titanium and nickel alloys,

Metals in biomedical applications,

Ceramic materials,

Polymeric materials,

Composite materials.


2 Exams (30% each) + Final (40%) 100%