EDUCATION    (Prof. Dr. A. Cuneyt Tas

  • Iowa State University
    Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering,
    Ceramic Engineering, Ph.D.            August 1988 - May 1993              PhD thesis
  • Middle East Technical University
    Dept. of Metallurgical & Materials Eng., B.Sc.     February 1979 – June 1983


“One day, the universe was born from vacuum by accident, ejected energy became physical matters and stars were born by gravitational contraction. O/C/Si were born in red giant, mixed in supernova and other stars were born again. Planetesimals circled a star, integrated into planets and their surfaces were melted. However, some remained without change and trapped the past of our solar system. 4.6 billion years later, a falcon (Hayabusa2) swooped down from the sky, snatched off the fragments of the past and stuffed them into the capsule. It passed for one year and separated the spinning capsule breathlessly. The re-entry capsule shone in the starry night of Woomera, opened a parachute by accelerometer trigger, was caught in a tree and dropped in. After the long and winding journey, the samples arrived at last. Please show us, the human beings, the past of our solar system.”
by OSHIMA Takeshi (Project manager, NEC Space Systems Division)