Research Work at Clemson University (May 2003-May 2005): Calcium Phosphate Bioceramics




The below list, on the other hand, is only for the period between 1993 and 1998 (at Middle East Technical University /;


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for more recent work (than listed in this page) of

A. C. Tas and/or his students.




1) An Investigation of the Chemical Synthesis and High-Temperature Sintering Behavior of Calcium Hydroxyapatite (HA) and Tricalcium Phosphate (TCP) Bioceramics     (1994-1997)

2) Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite (HA) / Tri-Calcium Phosphate (TCP) Composite Bioceramic Powders and Their Sintering Behavior    (1994-1996)

3) Chemical Preparation of Calcium Hydroxyapatite in Synthetic Body Fluids at 37C (pH=7.4) and Its Use in Coating Titanium and 316L Stainless Steel Surfaces    (1996-1997)

4) Manufacture of Macroporous Calcium Hydroxyapatite Bioceramics     (1997-1998)

5) Dip-Coating of Calcium Phosphate Bioceramics on Titanium or Stainless Steel Strips     (1997-1998)

6) Tape-Casting of Calcium Hydroxyapatite Bioceramics     (1996-1998)


7) Low-Temperature Synthesis of Lanthanum MonoAluminate (LaAlO3)     (1994-1995)

8) Synthesis of the Ceramic Powders of the Binary Compounds of CaO-Al2O3 System by Combustion Synthesis     (1996-1997)

9) Synthesis of Pure and Nd-doped YAG (Y3Al5O12) and YIG (Y3Fe5O12) Powders by Combustion Synthesis     (1996-1997)

10) Synthesis of Ruby Powders by Combustion Synthesis     (1996)


11) Preparation of Lead Zirconate (PbZrO3) by Homogeneous Precipitation and Calcination    (1996-1997)

12) Synthesis of Pure and Gd-doped CaZrO3 Powders by Chemical Means in Aqueous Solutions     (1997-1998)


13) Preparation of SiO2 (Silica), Mg2Al4Si5O18 (Cordierite), MgSiO3 (Enstatite), and 3Al2O3.2SiO2 (Mullite) Powders by Chemical Precipitation (1996-1997)


14) Low Temperature Synthesis of PZT Powders by Homogeneous Precipitation and Calcination      (1997-1998)

15) Hydrothermal Synthesis of Pure and RE-doped BaTiO3 Powders     (1996-1998)


16) Synthesis of 9Al2O3.2B2O3 (Aluminum Borate) Whiskers by a Solution-Growth Technique      (1996-1997)


17) Chemical Synthesis of RE-doped Magnetic BaFe12O19 Powders     (1997-1998)

18) Synthesis of (Ni,Zn)Fe2O4 Powders by Chemical Precipitation from Aqueous Solutions   (1997)

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